Monday, August 17, 2009

A quickie ...

My husband and I have a full day ahead, beginning with yet another town hall meeting on health care reform. (I prefer calling it health insurance reform, but really both the way we deliver and the way we pay for health care needs an overhaul.)

Then after the meeting I have a doctor's appointment. The irony is inescapable.

Still knitting the periwinkle blue sweater. I have only the left front from the armsceye up to the neckline and the body of the piece will be done, done, done. I love no-deadline knitting. And I love knitting a sweater where you don't have to seam the front pieces to the back. It's a big lump in your lap for a while, but eliminating those side seams is worth wrestling with a big piece of wooly knitted fabric. (Thank goodness for AC!)

The little sunsuit and t-shirt I made for my granddaughter's doll was a big hit. At least the doll doesn't have to live in her pajamas 24/7 any more!

And I'm still pretty much on pace with my five-mile-a-day walks. I only did 33.25 miles last week, but I was a little bit ahead of the pace from the previous week and I'm enjoying the seven-mile route, so will probably keep that up on the days I walk this week.

Today won't be one of them, as we need to leave in 40 minutes. And I'm still in my pajamas! Have a good Monday and if you're in the path of a storm, stay safe!

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