Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm so tempted to watch some kind of trash TV or maybe a baseball game at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight. The hype surrounding President Obama's address to Congress, in case you've been under a rock this week, has been unbearable.

Which Obama will show up? He needs to do this. Or that. Or the other.

Sometimes I think Americans would fare better if our news cycle was two weeks old, instead of two seconds. The cable news programs have to fill up all those hours with something, and rumors and opinions are just as good as facts.

So. Two days in a row of healthful eating. Still doing my five-mile walk every day. And a miracle, of sorts, appeared last night.

I have had a doctor's appointment for this morning. Canceled it yesterday afternoon after talking with the PA, who suggested that my preference to "wait and see" wouldn't hurt.

I've had some kind of a growth – cyst, tumor, whatever – on my right ankle all summer. I showed it to my gynecologist last month, who suggested my family doctor probably ought to take a look at it.

I'm not one of those obsessive-compulsives who keeps a close eye on every little flaw on my body. (The big flaws are omnipresent; why should I worry about the little ones?) But I did check the status of the whatever yesterday and discovered that it is no longer firm, well-defined or tender.

I'm healed!

Well, maybe not healed, but it appears that the whatever is going away on its own. At least I hope so. My health insurance plan doesn't cover office visits, so I'm very happy not to have to fork over a hundred bucks (or more, probably) to be told my whatever is nothing to worry about.

Gives me more time to worry about which President Obama is going to show up tonight.

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altopower said...

I'm worried about Which Obama? too, and am also torn between an obsessive need to watch vs. knowing it will be rehashed to death after so I won't really miss it live.

Maybe all the talk of health care coverage targeted itself at your ankle and miraculously healed it :)