Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slooooow as molasses

The internets are strolling this morning, they clearly don't care about a PR today. Grrr.

And that's what I did yesterday. I hadn't walked for a couple of days because it seemed prudent to stay near a bathroom. My wonderful fresh home cooking seems to have made my stomach a little sensitive to restaurant food. That's too bad, too, because tonight will be yet another restaurant meal.

Anyway, since it was a little overcast yesterday morning I grabbed the camera. I'm not sure how much my camera weighs (it's a Canon digital Rebel, about three years old), but between lugging it and stopping to take pictures, I certainly didn't care about a PR either! I'll post some of the pix tomorrow. At least I got out and walked – I don't give myself a medal every time I walk faster than the last time.

Or, as they say in the Land of Justification: Something's better than nothing.

I was getting ready to begin mowing in the afternoon when the phone rang. It was one of our Amish neighbors, wanting to know if I was available to run an errand for her. (The Amish families share a telephone, which is in a little wooden phone booth on their property.) And so I abandoned my too-tall grass and traded a trip to the hardware store for some of their wonderful eggs.

When I delivered their goods, I asked Mr. Yoder about this funny-looking corn they have growing along the road. I've been waiting for ears to develop on it all summer, but it just grows taller on stalks with leaves but no vegetables. The tassles at the top look like little beads. They're growing sorghum, which is used both for animal feed and … well, I invited myself to the sorghum-pressing party in October, to help them make molasses.

I love it when a blog post comes full circle. Heh.


D said...

How cool to go to a molasses-making party! For being out in the middle of nowhere, you keep some pretty interesting company :)

And I haven't said it yet but I've thought it often: good job for those 5 mile walks. Each time you get out there is an accomplishment. I know I give myself a pat on the back every time I get moving. If we don't do it, who will?

altopower said...

The sorghum sounds really pretty and how smart to ask Mr. Yoder what it was! I didn't even remember that there was such a thing - you can tell I've never lived out where crops actually grow. Hope your tummy feels better soon.