Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anticipation. And Coffee Creamer.

I leave tomorrow to spend a few days with the younger granddaughter again, this time, of course, for Halloween festivities. Won't be back until Sunday … meaning too many days of not being able to control my own food and probably just one day of being able to walk any meaningful distance. I guess that depends on the weather, but our schedule is pretty packed.

Analyzing yesterday's numbers, it looks like I could lose weight if I ate 800 calories on non-exercise days, doesn't it? But who wants to go there? I knew this trip would interfere with The Plan; I'm just hoping to keep the damage to a minimum.

Now for the coffee creamer. I've been experimenting with going back to drinking black coffee. I was a black coffee drinker for years. I don't know when I slipped over to the creamy side. If I had a milk cow I'd be using real cream (mmmmm), but I don't, and I wasn't quite the food snob I am today when I started buying the plastic liquid known as sugar-free Coffee-Mate. Hazelnut flavor.

What I've noticed is that when I take my coffee straight I seem to feel lighter. My gut doesn't feel so heavy or puffy or something. Like both of you, I've read articles suggesting artificial sweeteners act similarly to sugar on some individuals' insulin systems, and I'm wondering if I'm one of them.

The trouble is, I really, really, really like the taste of the flavored artifically-sweetened liquid plastic in my coffee. It's a dilemma. Have either of you made the switch from creamer-polluted coffee back to black? Any suggestions?

Perhaps I should switch to tea.


D said...

Not a coffee drinker. Sorry :( I take my artificial liquid chemicals in the form of diet soda.

Marla said...

I use the powdered non-flavored coffeemate, and I am entirely unable to give it up. I just cannot drink black coffee - I think to make that big a switch I'd have to give up coffee altogether and switch to tea, just circumvent the whole issue.

denise said...

I'm not a coffee drinker - tea is my thing, although I'm not rabid about it. I drink it when it's available, and if it's not, that's o.k. too.

I use the artificial sweetners, even though I've read the articles you mention. I tried stevia - but to me it has a nasty after taste and tastes "chemical" to me. I tried my iced tea without sweetner, but found it to be like a pretzel without the salt - why bother.

Have fun with your halloween festivities. Maybe if you keep writing down what you're eating you'll keep the portions reined in and make some headway...you never know - it could happen! ;-)

Anne M. said...

I never was much of a coffee drinker but that CoffeeMate fat free hazelnut was the only stuff that made the coffee palatable. I guess the problem may depend on how many cups of coffee one has - I only had one big mug, and not much Coffee Mate, so I never had the puffy full feeling. Good luck with the decision.

Have fun with the little people over Halloween, and do the best you can without beating yourself up for not doing more :)