Thursday, October 8, 2009

Down the home stretch

I'm nearly done with the fourth pumpkin trick-or-treat bag. Having four small grandchildren, three of whom are triplets, makes knitting just a bit more challenging. I'm guessing most of you knitters have experienced SSS* at some time or another during your knitting career. I'm having FSS with this project.

But I'm almost finished and then I can start something new. It really does feel like my knitting mojo is back; maybe the cooler weather had something to do with it.

Cool weather is a good thing this week. I've completely replanted (with lots of help) the flower bed at the entrance to our driveway. That was a hot and dirty job. Yesterday I had to water it and even two lengths of garden hose didn't reach all the way down the driveway, so I had to fill a bucket many times – I lost count – and dump water on each new plant. Not sure if that's better or worse than just standing there sprinkling from the hose, but it surely was better for my exercise plan du jour.

I ran/walked yesterday morning, on my hilly road, and averaged 15-minute miles. The first mile is uphill all the way and usually takes between 18 and 19 minutes; the third mile is nearly as gruesome. Of course, that means the last mile (since I go out and back 2.5 miles) is pretty easy. I did it in 12 minutes yesterday, and that included a little walking at the end.

No running this morning, though. I have a date with a neighbor at 9 a.m. to shovel horse manure into the back of his truck and deposit it on my garden. After I spread that around, I have to spread about 100 pounds of organic fertilizer on it and then my other neighbor will be coming with his tiller to work it all in and smooth it all out.

That's about it for today. Hope yours is a good one!

*SSS = Second Sock (Sleeve) Syndrome

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