Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Quote Day

"My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope."
~ Ovid

Once again, no formatting, as I have to send this post via e-mail due
to the CRAP internet connection here at Chez Dial-Up.

Before I say anything else, though, have you heard the news? President
Obama has been awarded the Noble Peace Prize! Quelle surprise!

The President staked his political future on hope during the campaign.
Hope and Change walked hand-in-hand throughout the primaries and right
up to election night.

Hope and Change moved in with me a long time ago, cheering me on to
fitness and good health. Despite my lack of weight-loss, they're still
hanging around, urging me to keep trying and to not give up. That's
their job, I guess. I'm tired of trying, but that doesn't mean I'll be
quitting any time soon.

You see, here's the thing: When I eat moderate portions of healthy,
home-cooked food, I feel good. It's not just a feel-good-physically
thing, either. I'm all about eating locally and cooking from scratch.
The local-ness of my pantry is a recent phenomenon, but I've been an
enthusiastic cook nearly all my life. So I feel good emotionally and
mentally and creatively and altruistically. When I cook food I've
grown myself or something I've bought from the farmer's market, I'm
not only saving money, I'm helping the earth, the farmer and myself.

The times when I've eaten the most processed and pre-packaged foods
were, unfortunately, when I was at my lowest weight. I say
"unfortunately" because if frozen low-cal dinners equal weight loss, I
might be tempted. Seriously, though, I wouldn't go back to those for
anything. Whatever they have to put in there to make them last as long
as they do *can't* be good for you.

Yesterday was a hard workout day, what with all the shoveling and
unloading and spreading of horse crap. Next week, after the final
tilling and smoothing, I can plant garlic and winter onions. My
mileage is way down this week, but that's kind of the way it's been
lately. A week of few miles follows a fantastic one. It all evens out,
I guess. If I could string a few high-mileage weeks together, I would
*hope* to see some *change.*

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