Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bag it

Okay, back to normal. Thanks for putting up with my little rant yesterday. The problem is not solved, not by any means, but I'm taking steps.

I promised two knitted bags to put in a gift shop for a holiday open house and I'm on the handle of the second one. Yeah! Once I start the handle I'm in the home stretch. I then need to felt them, create and attach some kind of tag to them and they are outta here!

Lots going on the next couple of weeks. Company coming this weekend, then Thanksgiving, followed by a short trip to Ohio to visit the triplet grandsons (and their parents!). I should probably make a list of Things I Need To Do, but somehow, whether there's a list or not, everything eventually gets done.

Food wasn't so great yesterday. Stress and anger do that to me. Some women clean when they get emotional. I bake. But I also walked, both Monday and yesterday, and plan to get out there again today before it rains. One good thing about rain in West Virginia – we rarely have all-day soakers. A motivated outdoor walker can almost always find a break in the clouds to get out and get 'er done.

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denise said...

Just catching up on blogs today and read your entry yesterday. Aetna has by my company's provider for many years...but not in 2010 due to a 20+% increase in premium. They're moving us to another company with seemingly lesser benefits - although they're trying to spin it as just as good - and for more money.

As my Mom would say, "It's all a racket." And that's so true. Just when you think you've got your finances on an even keel something like this comes along and knocks you back.

Sigh...unfortunately, at this point all the ranting and anger won't keep us from needing to pay higher premiums for less coverage.