Monday, November 9, 2009

Week Three: Stats and Results


I stayed the same this week, meaning those 2.5 pounds from my week away from home have decided to visit a bit longer. My workouts were spotty this week, and I'm taking sugar-free ice cream off the menu for a while.

I also haven't done so well with going back to black coffee. This week's goal is to not use creamer. I might use some cream, but I'll be sure to measure it and count the calories.

Stats for Week Three:

Average daily calories burned: 383
Average daily calories consumed: 1130

You'd think anyone could lose a pound or two with those numbers, wouldn't you?

Mary's interpretation of Friday's quote is spot-on; that's how I looked at it, too. I've been buoyed up all weekend thinking about wanting what I have, instead of longing for something out of my reach. Of course I draw the line at my weight. I'll probably have a weight-loss goal until my children throw me into the ground. Which is kind of sad, isn't it?

What would happen if I were satisfied with my weight right where it is?

I'm sooo not there.

Moving on: I finished the triplets' Christmas stockings Saturday. Yeah! I have a couple little treats to put in them, and we're delivering them early next month.

In gardening news, it appears that flat-leaf parsley is impervious to frost. The basil curled up and died a couple weeks ago, while the parsley is amazingly healthy. And, apparently, hardy. I dried some in the microwave and got a small spice jar's worth out of it. But there's loads of it left. I'll probably chop it and freeze it. And I probably won't need to plant any for a couple of years.

This is one of two plants still thriving.

The dried result.

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Sunny CA said...

Wow! I can't figure out how Mary got that out of the quote even after reading it 10 times. I guess that's why I majored in science.

Regarding your numbers. It seems impossible to not lose weight if your numbers are right. So,the numbers: I wonder if you weigh and measure your food? Could this be an issue of "that looks like 4 ounces" when it is really 6 or 8 ounces? That looks like 1/2 cup when it is really 1.3 cups? Is there something that you are forgetting to count? ANYTHING? Wine? Beverage? Handful of nuts? Spoonfuls and tidbits while cooking? Freebies while grocery shopping? Candy at a checkout counter? How are you calculating calories burned? 1 mile traveled by foot = 100 calories regardless of speed, right? Next comes an alternate explanation: sodium. Have you somehow in your quest to purge calories ended up switching to higher sodium choices? Maybe you are splashing with soy sauce or Worcestershire or salting more heavily? That is easy to do as a lot of "diet" products have more sugar and more salt than regular. Are your fingers or ankles puffy which might lend credence to the sodium theory? One last try: could you be low thyroid? I remember in the past you said no, but gosh, how could anybody eat that little and exercise that much without losing unless something isn't right?

If all those are a "no", maybe you just haven't gone to the bathroom recently? Anyone who really eats like that WILL lose weight. Really you will.