Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

Channeling Karen Carpenter here ... maybe I'll get anorexia! (Bad joke, I'm sorry.)

I took a picture this morning of the most cheerful thing in my house. Because it is so not cheerful outside. (See title.)

I love daffodils. We had friends over last week to watch basketball, and in addition to the homegrown popcorn they brought for a snack, they brought a bouquet of old-fashioned double-bloomed daffs. I'm always too tired of gardening to plant bulbs in the fall, and then I'm jealous in the spring because everyone else has daffodils blooming but me.

I've written about these friends before; they are my inspiration and encyclopedia when it comes to gardening. They call their farm Meadow Mist. (The blog is here.) And if it weren't for them, we'd have had very little dinner last night. Their Meadow Mist eggs provided a delicious omelet which was topped with Meadow Mist cheddar. And our biscuits were topped with Meadow Mist plum jelly. Yum!

If by any chance you don't follow college basketball, may I be the first to let you know that West Virginia University made it to the Final Four? We play Duke on Saturday for a chance at the big prize – the national championship, which will be decided a week from tonight. Wonder how many peoples' brackets had WVU going to the big dance? (Not mine, but only because I didn't fill one out.)

We're all a little basketball-crazy here in West Virginia these days. This state, ranked so low in so many things, needs something to cheer for. It appears that a handful of tall, athletic college kids and a coach who refuses to wear a suit on the sidelines is it, at least this spring.


gingersnapper said...

Hey I like the new look for the blog!

It's raining here too. Ugh. But I just put down grass seed a few days ago, so I'm hoping the rain will work miracles (but also not wash the seed away).

Elora said...

Wow! Thank you sweet lady for all the kind words! But I will remind you that my husband sucked up your "best ever" lemon pie (made for just us!) like it was golden! One tiny taste for me, as we took all the leftovers home with us!) And that homemade pizza? ranks right up there with the lemon pie! Soooo good! I starved all day to eat all night!
That's OK. The basketball tension and stress MUST have used up the calories! Right??? Whew! I am still tired from all the games!

Your new blog decor is SUPER!! I love it! A treat for sore eyes! and the daff's are a great addition!

Love you girl! Thanks much!


denise said...

As it turns out, I picked West Virginia to win the whole shabang...unfortunately, I tanked my other 3 quadrants so bad, I STILL don't have a glimmer of hope to win the brackets...oh well.

But, I did think of you when I picked WV - picked in your honor. Since I basically don't know anything about basketball, I figured I would pick based more on locations without regard to actual basketball abilities.