Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy days and Tuesdays …

Thanks for noticing and commenting on my new look. If I can't transform my body, at least I can transform the blog.

The new templates are in Blogger in Draft. I've been wishin' and hopin' for a three-column template for a long time, so when the announcement was made I hopped right over to check them out.

Interestingly, I rarely look at my blog page. I'm glad this new one is easy to read, and I love the way the title looks; I wouldn't have thought of white letters with a shadow on a tannish background. My brain says it wouldn't work, but it obviously does.

Took a long walk between rain showers yesterday, but since I didn't change into a sports bra I didn't run any of it. (Sorry, I know there are some guys who read the blog, and you have NO IDEA how lucky you are that you don't have to change all your clothes if you want to run.) Still, I made the five miles in 88:30. When I walk five in less than 90 minutes, I count it as good.

Back to Blogger in Draft for a minute – I had a lot of trouble uploading the daffodil photo and ended up having to go back to the old Blogger to accomplish the task. There are some documented issues with photo uploads in BiD, so if your blog is photo-heavy, I wouldn't recommend making the switch just yet.

The weather forecast looks better (actually, it looks amazing!) for the rest of the week. I dreamed about fencing the garden last night, so I might have to start working on a plan for that. The new Mother Earth News has an article on protective garden fences; I don't think I can afford what they recommend. Mother used to be all about frugality, back when I was a charter subscriber. Now? Not so much.


Elora said...

You're so right about Mother Earth News. I used to write for them when they "belonged" to "the people." It used to be a bible of practical approaches toward self-sufficiency. Now, in order to survive, they rely on the "commercial" rather than the practical and "marketing" of "easy" but costly "solutions." That's probably an adequate supply of quotation marks for one comment!


Shauna said...

It is very elegant and classy, just like the blog's owner, yeah? :)