Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a surprise!

It's snowing! Again!

Or at least it snowed last night, because the formerly cleared-off driveway is once again … get ready … WHITE!

Clearly, I'm not amused.

Still tracking food. Two days of journaling in a row, wow. I'm awesome.

Did I mention that I finished the little gansey I was working on? I'll try to get a picture to show you, it's very cute. Either the sleeves are too long or the body is too short, it looks out of proportion to me, but either way it's fixable. I'm hoping the sleeves are too long. Since they were knit from shoulder to cuff, it's easier to just unravel from the cuff and reknit it than it would be to cut off the lower edge of the sweater and knit down to add length. I've done both.

Not sure what's in store for today. As usual, the internets are s-l-o-w and the Weather Channel website is graphic-heavy and slow to load, even on a good day. Whatever it is, I'll handle it. Probably by staying indoors.


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denise said...

Two days of journaling is great - that's approximately 1.5 days more than I typically manage - for some reason, breakfast and lunch are easy to journal, but supper always trips me up - probably because supper often starts while I'm still at work and goes on until I hit the bed...and who wants to write all that down!?!

We had snow in Atlanta again yesterday also. I usually enjoy winter, but even I'm ready for this to be over soon!

Hang in there - Spring is coming...