Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Uninspired, the redux

Again with the uninspired ... nothing's happening except hard physical labor, how boring is that?

After my walk yesterday (five miles, 88 minutes, yeah me!) I whacked some weeds and trimmed a huge limb off a dogwood tree. I hope I didn't do anything to kill the tree, but it was going to kill me every time I mowed under it and, frankly, as beautiful as dogwoods are I have this primal urge to live.

I took the limb off with a handsaw, we don't have a chainsaw. The chainsaw would have cut a good, oh, 45 minutes off the task. Zip, zip and you're done. Handsaw? Not so much.

I also trimmed three huge ugly shrubbery things that were buried under a mountain of snow for about two months this winter. They were quite misshapen but less than a day after their haircut, they're looking much better.

After I did all that outside work, I got my own hair cut and then fixed a delicious cream/goat cheese/mushroom sauce for pork medallions. Not low-calorie, but so delicious and it used ingredients that were needing to be used or tossed. I almost always opt for "use."

See? I wasn't lying. Uninspired, Day Two.

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denise said...

Just remember that completely uninspired does not mean completely uninspiring to us, your readers!

Just reading your blog the last 2 days makes me want to be outside doing things - walking, gardening, etc! In fact, it inspired me to go out to my patio and water the plant I bought this weekend.

Considering I bought it and watered it on Sunday and I was advised by the folks I bought it from that I "just" need to water it every day...well, it's hard to say it if will survive my care.

You make me wish I had a least for as long as I'm reading your blog...then when I'm home, I'm glad I don't have to dig in a garden or mow the grass - that's why I chose townhome living!

So don't worry about feeling're still inspiring to others!