Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ComPLETEly uninspired

I suppose if I were comPLETEly uninspired, I'd just skip today's post, though, right? Like the guy in Princess Bride, I'm mostly dead, not completely dead.

Aside: If you haven't seen Princess Bride, do go rent it. It's a classic, and you'll be quoting lines from it the rest of your life.

So yesterday I walked five miles in the morning, had some leftover soup for lunch, then walked to my neighbor's to borrow his mower. He took pity on me and my foot-tall grass and offered the loan of his awesome mower with a deck that's half again as wide as the one on my machine. Cut about an hour off my mowing time and did a great job with the grass. I don't even have to rake!

Today I'll do the trimming, then get a haircut, then have dinner, then do my regular Tuesday night volunteer gig at the prison. Those women help put things in perspective for me, and they always make me laugh, if you can imagine that. No matter what else I do or don't do, showing up at Alderson on Tuesday night is a good thing.

I'll also do my five-mile walk this morning. In fact, if I'm going to get everything else done, I'd better get moving! Ciao!

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