Thursday, May 13, 2010

Done. For the moment.

I have one empty row in the garden, something I didn't expect but when I planted seeds last week I came up short. I think I'll buy some lima bean seeds.

As of yesterday, that empty row is the only bed left unplanted. All the seedlings have been transplanted and I reseeded peas, lettuce, spinach and celery. My map looks a little different now, but not much, so I'm not going to repost it. I'm the only one who cares anyway.

If all this stuff comes up, I'm going to have to buy another freezer. Heh. Just kidding, but it occurred to me that if I grow lima beans I'll have everything I need for the good old-fashioned frozen mixed vegetable blend my husband likes so well. It's also what I use for vegetable soup (with the addition of potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage): peas, corn, carrots, green beans and limas.

My weight is trending downward again. At the prison Tuesday night a couple of the women were pointing at me and whispering and eventually confessed (heh) that they were talking about how much weight I've lost. It's only four pounds, but apparently all the bending and stretching and lifting are making a difference in how I look. Even my husband complimented the ch-ch-ch-changes.

This kind of working out – hoeing, shoveling, raking, tilling, weeding, planting and working at the garden center – really appeals to me. I need to have a reason to sweat, and there always seems to be something to do this time of year. Truthfully, there's always something to do no matter what time of the year, but the chores seem to be more immediate now. When the weather is cold, you can always postpone cleaning a closet or painting a room or washing woodwork.

There's only one window of opportunity for planting, and this is it.

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Marilyn said...

Is that favorite old fashioned veg. mix succotash (lima beans and corn)? My dad always planted both and I loved them either together or by themselves. Sounds great to me. Some people like tomato with that but my favorite was plain with just a touch of butter. Happy Harvesting!!!!