Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite (garden) things

The Blogger gods were smiling on me this morning. I have a lot of trouble uploading pix for the blog, which is why it's such a boring blog to look at. For some reason today, I was able to upload five photos in no time flat! And I also just e-mailed a photo, something that normally takes a long, long time, in less than 30 seconds! Thank you, Blogger, and thank you, Gmail, and thank you suddenly speedy internet access.

What are these photos, you might ask? Well, I took Anne's advice from yesterday's comments and did something I love – worked in the garden and then took pictures of all the stuff that's growing. I also harvested some lettuce and spinach to add to the grilled chicken salad we had for dinner last night.

The first photo is Future Hummus. This is what a chickpea (or garbanzo bean) plant looks like:
Future Hummus
 Next is Future Pesto (among other things). The garlic is not yet ready to harvest, but I'm getting anxious to see what it looks like! Growing garlic is a fine example of delayed gratification.
Future Pesto. And Other Stuff.
This is future Pico de Gallo. Mmmmmmm. There are tons of tomatoes on my plants, and I can almost watch them grow taller. I suppose one day I'll take it for granted that when I put a tomato plant in the ground it will actually produce tomatoes, but I'm still new at this, and delighted every time I see a new tomato baby.
Future Pico de Gallo
I know this looks like a snow pea, but it's actually a developing English pea. I haven't found any snow peas yet. I can't wait to eat some freshly shelled peas.
English Peas
Finally, this is what makes it all grow, this and the rain we've had lately.
Sunrise, June 16, 2010
I hope the combination of heat and moisture doesn't produce tomato blight, as it did last year. So far the only problem I have is some bean rust on the cranberry bean plants. I've treated it once and will do so again, but I might have to pull some of the plants.

On another note, I got on the scale this morning and have lost 1.5 pounds this month. I'm sure I just jinxed myself. That's a total of 5.5 pounds this year; if you're coming here for weight-loss inspiration, you've come to the wrong place. But I think I might qualify for some kind of Perseverance and Tenacity Award, don't you?

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