Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The blahs

I expected a letdown after my delightful guest left, but I didn't expect it to last this long. Sigh.

I spent yesterday morning with an old-fashioned lawn edger and yesterday afternoon with the vacuum cleaner, both tasks designed to make me sweat. Unfortunately, they were both pretty mindless activities which did nothing for my mood.


Perhaps I should channel Scarlett O'Hara: After all, tomorrow is another day!


altopower said...

Feeling the letdown is a sure sign that it was a great visit. If edging and vacuuming didn't do the trick, how about, yanno, knitting and watching a movie that you love on DVD?

denise said...

Well fiddle-de-DE Miss Scarlett!

Hopefully more interesting activities will soon divert your attention from your recently departed guest!