Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost done, done, done!

The Neverending Everlasting Onandonandon Bagstopper is almost finished. I changed the top of it a bit. The pattern suggested sewing a heavy ribbon on to the top for a handle. I was inspired by my drawstring-top kitchen trash can liner to create a channel with a couple openings. Eight more rows to knit and I'll be ready to insert an old canvas belt to use as a handle.

Pictures soon … maybe as soon as tomorrow!

My knitting to-do list keeps growing. I need to make a Christmas stocking and a blanket for our newest granddaughter. I want to make some flip-top mittens for her mother (can't remember the name of my favorite pattern for these but I'll let you know tomorrow), I think they might come in handy for her (at least as handy as they are for marksmen and photographers!). I also want to make some Mr. Flurry toys for that family of grandchildren. (The link takes you to a page of several patterns; you'll need to register – it's free – to download them.)

And, of course, there's my dream felting project. I might be able to cast on for that tomorrow. When I'm not making mozzarella. We're having company this weekend and they're looking forward to made-from-scratch pizza Friday night.

I am, too, as a matter of fact!

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Elora said...

I so admire your knitting skills and artistry. I can't wait to see the new "products." And it's great that you have so many "projected" projects, too! Please post photos as soon as you have them!