Thursday, July 29, 2010

Done, done, done, done, done. Finally.

I give you, the Neverending Everlasting Bagstopper.

The buttonhole in the middle of the garter-in-the-round casing.
Three-needle bind off, stronger than sewing the casing.

Casing complete, canvas belt inserted as handle.

More boring detail of casing/handle.

Ready to shop!
 Now it's on to the dream project. Questions about the bag? Leave me a comment!


Elora said...

I LOVE it!!! What size/type yarn did you use, Debbi? It's absolutely beautiful!


Debbi said...

I found two partial cones of six-ply cotton in my stash, and used that doubled. It almost looks like embroidery floss and, in fact, the label on one of the cones has a DMC logo on it. Glad you like it. I'll bring it with me next time I see you.

denise said...

Very nice. For some reason it seems to remind me of the 70s - a sort of a "hippie" bag that I recall being popular - although probably more open.

In any case, I like it. Hope it works well for you.

Now that the media is full of reports on how "dangerous" our reusable bags are (because we don't clean them out after each use, thus transferring germs/bacteria, etc.), this will be a nice tote that you can wash more easily.

Great job!

Elizabeth said...

Love it - and I want to make one myself. Tell me about the belt - how is it fastened? Is there a buckle or something hidden in the casing?