Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did I tell you I ran the other day?

And I'm knitting, too?

And the knitting is not for the baby! I found a pattern on Knitty a long time ago for a mesh bag (perfect for the farmer's market) and started it a couple nights ago. It will scrunch up small enough to stash in my purse. Even though I have cloth bags hanging on a hook in my garage, and a couple cloth bags in my car, I still forget to carry them in to the grocery. Eventually I will remember; perhaps this bag will help.

It won't, by itself, be large enough for a load of groceries, so I'll have to either leave the check-out line to get a bag from the car or buy only enough to fit in one bag. (That won't work very well because the nearest grocery is 12 miles away and I'd be driving to and from the store every day and we can't have that, can we? We're trying to cut back on fossil fuel consumption, not add to it!)

The running wasn't really running, more like jogging, but definitely faster than walking. Or trudging. The first mile of my route is nearly all uphill, so that slows my overall pace considerably. The second two miles of my three-mile out-and-back trip were at about a 12-minute pace. Not too bad for an old lady who hasn't run in, um, let's just say months (March 30, according to my records), shall we?

That's a six-inch ruler to show you how big these are!
I'm still reaping and eating, too. Blogger rejected my carrot photo. (Nothing against carrots, it also rejected a beautiful mandevilla blossom. Also? Facebook thought the carrot photo was perfectly appropriate. Harumph.) I pulled three carrots yesterday, each of which was about 10 inches long! I was astonished! I've been pulling smaller carrots for a month or so, but these were impressive. As big as store-bought, and much, much tastier. (Obviously I was able to go back in and add the photo later. Am I impressed with my green thumb? You betcha!)

I also picked three lovely tomatoes which went right into last night's pasta sauce. The salad was full of back-yard goodies: the lettuce, onion, celery and tomato were homegrown; the radish came from Elora (it was the biggest radish I've ever seen, I thought it was a beet at first!).

Free food! Music to a dieter's ear. Heh.


Mindy said...

I've been MIA as a commenter lately but I've still been lurking. LOL

We too are enjoying the fruits (well, vegetables) of our garden labor. Yummy!

You seem to be doing really well! Take care!

Elizabeth said...

Love that bag pattern!