Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Quote Day

Life is all about timing ...
the unreachable becomes reachable,
the unavailable becomes available,
the unattainable ... attainable.

Have the patience, wait it out.
~ Stacey Charter

I would add: The inedible becomes edible. Heh.

One thing I've learned in the past 59 years is patience. Of course, it took me most of those years to learn it!

But patience is serving me well these days. A change in attitude (weight loss is not the ultimate goal, although it has been a nice by-product) mixed with a cup of patience and a pound of energy and you've got a recipe for peace and serenity on an almost daily basis.

(For someone like me, not drinking helps, too. I believe the root of my serenity is my abstinence from alcohol.)

Gardening and knitting are both excellent exercises in patience, or at least in delayed gratification. (So, according to my daughter, is making Jell-O.) Becoming more process-oriented, rather than product-oriented, allows one to enjoy the journey, rather than simply focusing on the destination and possibly becoming frustrated with the length of the trip.

I walked/ran/jogged again yesterday, and cut 28 seconds off my time from Tuesday. I wasn't really trying to go faster, that's just how it worked out. I felt great every step of the way, and even though the route is deadeningly familiar to me, I enjoyed noticing the landscape around me. Fresh-cut grass, a distant woodpecker, a white tail disappearing into the woods. A neighbor's neat-and-tidy garden (my squash are taking over!).

I also enjoyed noticing that I wasn't struggling with the effort. I felt strong going up the hills and in control coming back down. My breathing was steady, not labored. It wasn't effortless, but it certainly was enjoyable.

I never thought the day would come when I could write that last paragraph. Have the patience, wait it out.


altopower said...

How wonderful to recognize and feel the mind-shift that has brought you serenity and peace. Have I mentioned lately that I love you? Big hugs!

Honor said...

Debbi, just read your post where you said you love comments .... I'm a lurker on lots of blogs, not having a blog of my own and not being witty and amusing makes me shy. But, I thought I should say hello and thanks for chatting.