Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Quote Day

Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are.
~ Theodore Roosevelt

Sounds pretty straightforward … until you don't have one of the elements you need, or, in my case, what you have is a slow metabolism that wants to hang on to every pound you've piled on for the last five years. Heh.

I was so pleased to report yesterday that I'd lost eight pounds in six months. That's a minor miracle, considering the amount of time, effort, planning, blood, sweat and tears I've put into The Losing Weight Project during my lifetime. (Sounds like it should be a Facebook page, doesn't it?)

However, I woke up this morning thinking, 'If I could lose five pounds a month for the next six months, I'll be thisclose to my goal weight!'

The obsession doesn't go away just because you write a sensible, realistic, grateful-for-the-eight-pounds-lost blog post.

Along with the Roosevelt quote at the top of the page, I need to say the Serenity Prayer a little more often.

Like maybe instead of grace before each meal?