Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nailed it!

Not only have I lost a pound a month since 1/1/10, I've now lost EIGHT pounds! I'm not sure what happened in June to rocket me into the weight-loss stratosphere, but hey, I'll take it.


Anyone else would be jumping into a strawberry shortcake by now, wouldn't they? Eight pounds in six months is nothing to brag about. But if you've destroyed your metabolism as a result of a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, eight pounds in six months is … well, I used that title yesterday.

One of my commenters noted that I'm living a life that "automatically includes healthy food and lots of activity." I hesitate to say this, but maybe this is how normal people maintain a normal weight. When they're too busy to eat, they don't eat. And they don't make up the missed meal at the next eating opportunity.

During half-marathon training, I paid strict attention to my food intake, lest I run out of gas on a long run. Or even a short run. I now find myself eating when I'm hungry if food is available (which it frequently isn't), stopping when I'm satisfied (but not stuffed) and moving on to the next activity, whether it be task or hobby.

I'd like to take this food attitude with me when I start training again. I'm quite sure I have enough reserves to get through most training runs. A packet of sport beans in my shorts pocket should be insurance, not a snack to look forward to.

Thanks to those of you who said they've enjoyed watching my garden grow. Frankly, I hope this childlike delight sticks with me as long as I'm able to dig in the dirt. It's a whole lot more fun to pull an onion out of my back yard than out of a grocery bag!

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D said...

Awesome! I too believe that our weight begins to normalize when we stop obsessing and listen to our own hunger cues. Hurray that you're so busy doing something you love that the thought of eating doesn't cross your mind until your body gives you the cue.