Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When you've got nothin' to say …

say nothing.

I was MIA yesterday because I was comPLETEly uninspired. I'm not much more inspired today.

It's raining. And raining. This looks like an all-day soaker with flash-flood warnings on the tail end of the day.

My agenda? Shampooing the carpet in the guest bedroom. I'd originally planned to move the furniture to the patio outside that room. Now it looks like I'll have to do one side and then the other.

We donated the twin beds that used to be in there to the Alderson Hospitality House. We're moving a queen-sized bed that has been stored at my mother-in-law's house in to replace it. (My exercise for Monday was moving furniture.) The transfer of sleeping accommodations should be complete by the end of the day tomorrow, just in time for visitors!

Actually they won't be here until the end of the month, but why wait? Deadlines make me crazy.

Still working on the Everlasting Bagstopper. At this stage it should be called the Neverending Bagstopper. The pattern stitch for the body of the bag is this:

Round 1: yo, k2tog
Round 2: k

You do that forever and eventually you end up with a bag. If you don't die of boredom first. I might need a good movie or a close Yankees game in order to finish this thing.

This rain is, of course, good for the gardens and lawns around here. The grass has been crunchy-dry for a month now. Saves on gas for the mower, but it's not very pretty and you certainly don't want to walk barefoot on it.

My crisper runneth over with zucchini. I'm pretty sure they like rain, so there will be more tomorrow. I usually end up stuffing freezer bags with two-cup portions of shreds to use in bread and cake later. No blanching necessary, just thaw and drain and it's good to go. Looks awful, but works fine.

That's about it from Uninspiredville ... thanks again for all your comments. Looks like a pickle revolution might be starting. We'll probably have more interest in eating dills than in a more meaningful revolution, like getting corporate money out of the political landscape.

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gingersnapper said...

Yes, I meant to comment on the pickle post. I ADORE pickles, and that is NOT a years' worth to me, that's a couple months' worth! They look delicious, and I agree they are a great snack.