Monday, July 19, 2010

Before and after

Hah. The hits I'll get from that title! People are always looking for before-and-after weight-loss photos. Won't they be surprised?

On Sunday, in addition to all the other things I did around here, I turned this (I actually began with half a bushel):
Cucumbers, fresh from Elora's garden. We traded dill for cukes.
 into this!
Fifteen pints plus two quarts of garlic dills.
All the little lids popped, creating a tight seal, and I now have more pickles than my husband and I will eat in a year. I threatened to send some to my oldest granddaughter for Christmas. She thought that was a dandy idea. My dad is coming for a visit from Florida soon, and I told him to make room in the RV for a jar or two.

Elora suggested eating a pickle whenever I felt the need to snack. She said that was one of her weight-loss tricks (she's managed to shed 27 pounds this year!). And I've read (because I read every word of weight-loss advice out there), that eating a dill pickle when you want something sweet is a good way to get rid of the craving.

Of course, you first must convince your mind that a dill pickle is a good substitute for a handful of chocolate chips. If you figure out how to do that, do let me know.

Thanks for all your comments. Ever since I said I don't get many comments, I've been getting comments! I didn't even ask (really), and I have received! I'm still getting them from the Inscrutable Asian Commenter, but they get rejected immediately. Power! Domination!

I should have been an Amazon. At least I'd be tall enough for my weight. Heh.


ws said...

the rumor I heard is that a pickle is a good substitute for a snack when you are craving something salty. That is what we did at the restaurant in Maine when we wanted to eat chips for a snack.

The dog's new nickname is Pickles and we love pickles here, seriously.

Shauna said...

Homemade pickles! OH SWOON! They look so cute all bundled up in their jars. Bravo :)

Elora said...

Believe me, it's a time-tested weight-loss trick that works! So, don't give away too many jars!


Mindy said...

Yummy! I love pickles! We didn't plant any cucumbers this year but I think a trip to the farmer's market is in order.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the reminder. I love to snack when I read and I WANT to read right now. Those dill pickles make great mindless slow snacking while reading and I grew up with the great big dills from the meat market barrels. Now to see just how long I can make one last.

Cindy...154 said...

There must be something to the pickle theory. Someone told me that they quit smoking by having munching pickels when they craved a smoke. Those pickles look really good. I am going to pick up a couple of jars and test the theory. One for work and one for at home!