Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Quote Day

There is no more lovely, friendly
and charming relationship, communion
or company than a good marriage.
~ Martin Luther

What's that quote have to do with the price of tea in China? (That was one of my mother's favorite sayings. Ack! I'm turning into my mother!)

Well, yesterday was my husband's and my fourth anniversary, and most of the time I feel our marriage is a darned good one. I get a little distracted and busy sometimes, which makes him feel left out. He gets a little demanding sometimes, which makes me feel burdened (because I'm already so busy!). But all in all, we've had a good time together and feel that we're a good match.

We lived together for nine years before we plunged into matrimony. Second time for him, fourth for me – you can imagine my reluctance!

I've posted a quote on my refrigerator that says:

Often the difference between a successful marriage 
and a mediocre one consists of 
leaving about three or four things a day unsaid.
~Harlan Miller

I find myself biting my tongue at least a couple times a day, and it does help. Sometimes ya gotta pick your battles. I'm not sure if my husband has read the quote or not. Heh.

So what did we do on our anniversary? 
  • He removed the hardware from an old dresser.
  • We painted it together. (Teamwork! I felt like a Wonder Pet!)
  • I pulled weeds in the garden.
  • I picked a wheelbarrow full of produce.
  • I froze some corn.
  • I made ice cream.
  • We watched it rain. Again.
  • We ate leftovers for dinner. (This is delicious!)
  • We went to a reception at our newly remodeled library.
  • We put the hardware back on the dresser and moved it into his office.
  • We ate ice cream.
Nothing special at all. And yet, it was a very special day. No cards, no flowers, no fancy dinners. A little community involvement and a lot accomplished.



altopower said...

Happy Anniversary (even if it's a day late to say it)! It does sound as though you are a good match for each other, and not saying everything on your mind is definitely a good thing in any relationship. Wise decision to follow your fridge advice.

Your day was active, productive, and shared. Sounds good to me :)

gingersnapper said...

That sounds like a lovely day. I really like the Harlan Miller quote, I couldn't agree more (and we are going on 27 years this month, so I know whereof I speak!).

Elora said...

I think a happy marriage celebrates every day as if it were an anniversary...because it is. It's one more day you can spend together. This coming November, we mark our 43rd signpost "anniversary," but who's counting! MM is 79 and I am 65. Lots of things still to do together.

What a great day you and husband had!