Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thunder all through the night
Promise 2 see Jesus in the morning light
Take my hand, it'll be alright
Come on, save your soul 2night 

Don't you just love Prince? (Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Heh.)

Wow. Two pop culture references right off the bat. Y'all are going to think I'm slammin' (that means "hip" or "cool" according to this list at Pop Culture Madness).

It was a dark and stormy night. My husband (the list doesn't have a word for that, can you imagine?) and I were playing Scrabble after dinner, since the satellite reception was, um, challenging. The wind was whipping, the rain was coming down in sheets and the sky was eerily orange before the sun set, all the better to see the huge flashes of lightning which accompanied the crashes of thunder.

In a word, it was sweet.

I'm one of those weirdos who love thunderstorms. The majesty and power overwhelm me, and as long as I feel safe, I get a thrill out of the experience.

So we're watching this thunderstorm perform its magic outside while we're safe inside making up words (so yesterday), when this HUGE crack of lightning and/or thunder split the air. We both jumped and got up to look outside, expecting to at least see a fallen tree and possibly see the garage on fire.

Talk about power!

Amazingly, no harm was done, the power stayed on and we even got a quarter of an inch of rain out of the storm, which the garden badly needed.

The husband beat me at Scrabble (props to him, I usually win), and the weather event headed east, leaving a couple of toppled plants and half the birch tree leaves pasted to the driveway.

And that, my peeps, is what we call excitement out here in the Middle of Nowhere.

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Elora said...

The noise? Superb! The show? Awesome! The water? Not so much. We got a scant 1/4-inch. I suppose I shouldn't gripe; we were milking Marigold but managed to turn her out and return to the house, dodging falling twigs and light limbs, before the rain set in. There's always today for another shot at some REAL rain. Same thing in the forecast, I believe...the only casualty we had here was a dancing trash bag torn loose from the top of the outside fridge which left an archeological trail of our life's discards over the last month!