Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Quote Day

“It takes as much energy to wish
as it does to plan.” 
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Or, as my mother used to say, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

Or, as we say in AA, "Plan the plans, not the results."

It's a veritable quote-fest here at Chez Knit. Run. Reap. Eat. this morning!

Honestly? I haven't had time to either wish or plan lately. I'm too busy doing. Yesterday someone I hadn't seen in a while said I looked like I'd lost some weight. I told her, honestly, I haven't thought much about weight loss lately, because nearly every minute of my waking hours is scheduled – planned for me mostly by Mother Nature and my own reluctance to let perfectly good food go to the compost bin.

Last year's garden was half the size of this year's, and we experienced a terrible tomato blight. My total food preservation last summer consisted of a few bags of frozen jalapenos and edamame. We ate what was there, but there just wasn't as much as there is this year.

Planning pays off, especially if you follow through and actually do what you plan to do. That's the beauty of blogging for those of us trying to get healthy, slim down, eat better, etc. We can jot down our plans right here, right now. We can go back and examine them later, to see why they worked, or didn't. We can make new plans, abandon the old. No one is judging or scolding or berating – unless they're doing it in Chinese, and those comments get deleted immediately anyway.

My husband and I going on a little getaway this weekend, where our hosts said we'd most likely be harvesting produce. A busman's holiday for me! And maybe Gardening 101 for my husband.

At least that's the plan.


gingersnapper said...

On the other hand, my brother always says "People in hell want ice water; that doesn't mean they're going to get it."

Not sure that was relevant...

Debbi said...

The relevance is my mother used to say that, too! Memories ...