Thursday, August 19, 2010


A quarter of a Sugar Baby. Mmmmm!
How sweet it was!

Watermelon is definitely my favorite fruit, and might just be my favorite food. Or maybe I think it's my favorite because I only eat it in the summer and that first bite of deliciousness is just so-so juicy and sweet and good and …

You're probably saying, "I'll have what she's having" by now, aren't you? Heh.

When I listed what was left in the garden yesterday, I forgot to include the melons, although I wrote about them earlier in that post. I can't seem to stop writing about them.

And then when I went out to the garden yesterday to pull a few okra pods, I found more green and yellow beans. Enough for another meal, at least, and I'm going to cook them Saturday. My husband's son and his family will be here for the night on their way home from the beach. They won't go hungry. I'm going to stuff a cushaw with a ground beef-tomato-onion-bread crumb mixture and bake it, along with a pasta-and-roasted vegetables combo, fresh cottage cheese and the beans. For dessert? Fruit cup, of course, with vanilla custard.

Last year when they were here I had no idea how to babyproof my home for three one-year-olds. They were everywhere, all at once, and managed to find all the things I forgot to do. This year I'll be ready. And they're a year older, so maybe – maybe – they won't need to do so much exploring.

But I'll be ready anyway.

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