Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yesterday's haul

The okra (top of photo) was a gift. Everything else came from my garden.
Plus, I picked about 10 pounds of tomatoes day before yesterday. Now to do something with it!

The little Sugar Baby watermelons are delicious, so it's no trouble to share one with the husband for dessert every day. The cantaloupe appear to have gotten crossed with a honeydew: the flesh is green, but soft and sweet. Oh, well. We're eating them anyway.

I'm going to Google "spaghetti squash" to see if it freezes well. I think it should and, in fact, I tested some earlier this year. Guess I should get it out and see what happened to it. They'll keep for a while, but not too long, certainly not long enough to eat them all.

I've been chopping and freezing the red peppers, and will do the same with the remaining celery, which is still in the ground. I pulled the cranberry bean plants yesterday, and will shell them after a couple more days' drying time.

What's left? The edamame and black-eyed peas (dried beans, like the cranberry beans); carving pumpkins, butternuts and cushaw; Japanese eggplant and, of course, more tomatoes! 

I wish you all lived closer. I'd give you a spaghetti squash. Whether you wanted one or not. Heh.

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