Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ta daaaa!

Before (left) and after of my new little bowl/basket.

I used some generic natural wool, size 6 needles for the bottom and size 8 for the main part of the bowl. It didn't felt as much as I thought it would (could be the white wool or it could be that I should have used larger needles), so I'll be trying again.

Any number of cool stitch patterns would work. I haven't found too many textured handknit bowls/baskets, either completed or patterns. Saw one with bobbles, and then there's the Nantasket Basket, which I love, but which isn't really textured.

Thanks, GS, for the encouragement to try Etsy. I'll open a shop as soon as I get a little inventory built up. Looks like an easy-peasy way to sell handcrafted work.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one. No jury duty for me (I was notified early this summer that I was part of the petit jury pool). This is the second consecutive week that jurors have been excused. Looks like I'll be calling the courthouse every Monday to find out what I'm doing Tuesday until the case is finally settled. Or goes to trial.

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Anne M. said...

This is so cute, Debbi! You are very creative with your needles :) Etsy is a great outlet for selling on a manageable scale - I've loved the things I've gotten there. Maybe I need a knit bowl/basket ;)