Monday, October 25, 2010

Done, done, done, done, done.

Our newest granddaughter's blanket. Finally!
I cast off Saturday evening, laundered it yesterday and will mail it today. And she's not even four months old yet! I really meant to finish it for her welcome-home gift, but that was in July, and as I recall, I was pretty swamped in July. Oh, and it was hot in July. Who wants to knit a blanket when it's hot? Not me!

Detail of the feather-and-fan lace edging.
The color is not as orange as it looks on my monitor. It's more of a strawberry, and I hope it sort-of matches the dark pink in her room. I used some of my long-discontinued Brown Sheep Cotton Top, a 50/50 blend of cotton and wool. It comes out of the dryer looking like new – perfect for a busy mom! This baby is the little sister of triplet two-year-old boys. Mom does not need a fussy-to-care-for blanket. Or anything, for that matter.

The last carrot from the garden.
While I was dismantling the garden yesterday (just between you and me, it might take longer to put the garden to bed than it did to knit that blanket!), I found one lonely little carrot, left over from the earlier harvest. I must have walked past it a dozen times in the last week. It wasn't in a weedy area at all, but I guess I just wasn't looking for food. Heh.

Mmmmm. Apple pie. The apples are roasted before filling the crust. Did I say mmmmm?
Finally, there were these apples, see, and they were going to get all soft and mooshy if I didn't do something with them, and so my husband – yeah, it's all his fault – suggested a pie. And I found this recipe for a different kind of pie crust in a magazine (it uses sour cream and vinegar) and I had to try it. Since my husband wanted pie and all.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Still sticking with my walking regimen. I did three s-l-o-w miles Saturday afternoon, four little-bit faster ones yesterday morning. I'm a little bored with the route; if you're on Facebook, you are well aware of this. I sent several photos and posts to FB as I walked yesterday, which helped keep me going. This photo shows my favorite view. Quality isn't very good, the BlackBerry phone doesn't compare to the Canon Rebel. But it's a lot easier to carry when you're walking.

Finally, thank you for your comments on Friday's political post. So nice to know I have more than two readers! Heh. I remember as a little girl learning there are two things you don't discuss: politics and religion. I usually reserve my political rants for Facebook (and I probably piss off my Republican cousins when I do), so I was sticking my neck out by posting about it here. Thank you for playing nicely. No matter what your political views, I appreciate good manners.

Something the Republicans could and should take to their Tea Parties.

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