Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walking in the rain, and a whole lotta nuthin'

I left fairly early yesterday morning to begin the walk du jour, because weather radar maps showed us about to be hit with a lot of rain. Didn't happen. If I'd waited an hour, I wouldn't have gotten rained on at all. As it was, I didn't melt, and walking in a light rain isn't really a big deal. That's good to know, because I'm sure there will be another day when the choice is to walk in the rain or … walk in the rain.

I took the new baby's Christmas stocking (scroll down the page) with me to Florida earlier this month to work on (good airport knitting) and I'm happy to report that I started binding off yesterday. It's an I-cord bind-off, which isn't difficult but I just got too sleepy to finish the job. Should get it done today. I'm using wool yarn, larger needles than the pattern recommends and am felting it when the knitting is finished. Makes for a sturdier stocking, the better to hold all that loot! Although, really, how much loot does an infant need? Heh.

How much loot do any of us need? I haven't quite gotten on the daily declutter bandwagon, but I did take a large box of old craft magazines to the library's book sale last week and I didn't even look at them before I boxed them up! That's a major breakthrough for me; I find it very difficult to let go of things I might need or want someday. A few years ago I would have had to rip out or copy articles or ideas. Now, I rely on my own creativity or the internet. Which means instead of piles of magazines, I have piles of printouts. Sigh.

Which brings me to Halloween cards. Usually I make them and they're always well-received. This year I ran out of time (which is stupid, because everyone knows when Halloween is and it only comes once a year and why on earth wouldn't you just plan ahead and make them in August?). So I popped into the Dollar Store and walked out with eight cards (seven grandchildren and a friend) for less than five bucks.

The Dollar Store makes it very hard to justify handmade Halloween cards.

And speaking of Halloween, it's almost time to carve those pumpkins! Here's some inspiration. The "Ghoulishly Grand Carved Pumpkins" are aMAZing!

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gingersnapper said...

Re not making the Halloween cards in August - I think you've had a little bit on your mind recently! Cut yourself some slack. Although next year I demand a homemade card from you.

Looks like I'll be on the coast for the holiday.