Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Quote Day on Thursday

Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.
 ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

One of you commented about yesterday's "upbeat" post. I didn't realize I'd been on a downward track lately. It stands to reason, though, with my father's recent death and the fear-based election cycle we're in and the end of gardening season (and since my father was passionately interested in politics and gardening, they are all enmeshed), that I might not sound too perky lately. I'm grateful for the reminder, D. I can't promise to continue the upbeat trend, but I can promise to give you a break for a couple days.

!!! BLOG BREAK !!!

Yes, it's my annual Halloween trek. I have to cross state lines to pass out candy because we live so far out in the Middle of Nowhere that no one ever comes begging at our door. Oh, and there might be an out-of-state grandchild involved. Heh.

Keeping the walking streak alive shouldn't be a problem. There's a nice trail in the neighborhood and I've let my family know that I need to get a walk in every day, and why. It'll be up to me to make it a priority. Since the trail ends at a playground, I know of at least one member of the family who might be interested in joining me. We may not be walking fast, but we'll be walking!

Yesterday's walk was in some real rain. None of that light-sprinkle stuff. I wore a hat, but didn't want to carry an umbrella. I was soaked when I got back, and since "back" was Democratic headquarters, I had to sit in wet clothes for a couple hours before I went home. A hot shower felt great!

So did pizza for dinner, knitting and relaxing in the evening and getting a good night's sleep. You all have a wonderful weekend. I'm planning to do the same.

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gingersnapper said...

Hope you enjoyed the holiday. We had gorgeous weather at the coast. Now it's back to lowered temperatures, which I don't mind after our record heat summer.