Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still walking, still on track

Twenty-six consecutive days of at least three miles a day. I've already done the extra miles which will put me over the 100-mile mark by the end of the day on Sunday. And I'd have to say I've created a wonderful new habit: I can't imagine a day without walking.

I may bump it up to four a day for November and shoot for 125. Haven't decided yet. Because then what will I do in December? Bump it up again? This could go on and on and on until I'm running half-marathons every day next summer.

I had to walk early and fast yesterday, because I had a job interview mid-morning. It went well, and I'll know something for sure within a month. The physical office space won't be ready until the first of December. The job is part-time and will use my graphic design skills – a perfect combination.

The Christmas stocking is done, and now I can get back to a bag I started working on in August. The pattern is available on the same page as the Christmas stocking and I just realized that I ought to change my e-mail address on the website, since the old one no longer works. Hmmm. Yes, that would be a good idea. I haven't decided what to knit next, but I've pulled some patterns from my collection for consideration.

We were under a tornado watch last night which was a complete dud. The WeatherBug app on my smartphone just likes to scare people. I think I'll take its forecasts with a grain of salt from now on.

Nothing to reap these days, eating has been under control (I lost 1.5 pounds this week) and I think I've covered all the knitting, running, reaping and eating bases. I can tell the weather is shifting, finally (despite a very warm yesterday), because I'm looking forward to picking out the next knitting project.

And since my garlic has shipped, finally, from Seed Savers, I'm also looking forward to a little time in the dirt. There are no seasons here in the Middle of Nowhere! We do it all, all year 'round!

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D said...

An upbeat post! It's nice when things start looking up for a while :)