Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Quote Day

The greatest pleasure in life
is doing what people say you cannot do.
~ Walter Bagehot

I'm not sure if it (a marathon) will be my greatest pleasure or not. And it's only one person (my husband) saying I cannot do it.

He never tells me what I can and cannot do. Except for this. He was with me that hot, hot day a couple years ago (three, I think) in Washington, DC, when I did the Army 10-Miler and a much younger, much fitter man collapsed and died just after crossing the finish line. We know a man who had a heart attack after he ran Boston a few years ago.

He says he's worried about my health, but I think he's just worried about who's going to do the laundry if I die before he does. (Hah! That's a joke, honey!)

The walking plan I started this month is the prelude to getting back into running. I'm hopeful (although there's no evidence so far) that regular walking and sensible eating will result in some weight loss. Losing some weight will make running more comfortable. Once it's easier to run, I can start building up some mileage in preparation for training.

For a November race, I need to start training seriously in July or August, the hottest months of the year here in southern West Virginia. It would be very helpful to be carrying around less lard by then.

So … first things first. Keep on walking. I've managed to walk at least three miles a day for two straight weeks. One more week and it'll be a habit! I'm at the point now where I don't question whether I'm going or not, it's more like when during the day am I going to fit it in. Not quite as automatic as brushing my teeth, but almost.

My husband said he'd go with me today, and we're going to do five miles, to help boost that monthly total to 100. That also may not be my greatest pleasure, but it would make me pretty happy.

Have a good weekend. I'll be working at our Democratic headquarters. And walking.

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