Monday, October 18, 2010

Plan the plans ...

not the results.

My weekend plan included putting the garden to bed which, for you non-gardeners, means dismantling the electric fence, pulling up dead cornstalks and pumpkin vines, clearing out the weeds, spreading compost and doing a light surface tilling. I also need to get a row ready to plant garlic. What got done?

Well, the fence is down.

All I can blame it on is walking. When I was working in the garden earlier this spring and summer, I wasn't also walking three or four miles every day. That takes some energy, energy that could otherwise be spent doing the tasks in the first paragraph.

The other problem is that I'm just not motivated to do it. Planting a garden is way more fun than cleaning it up at the end of the season.

Day 17. Thought I'd look up instead of forward.
It'll get done, a little at a time. The weather should remain nice for most of this week, and cool weather while you're working your ass off isn't really a bad thing.

Today will be 18 straight days of walking at least three miles a day. I did four yesterday and the day before, and I won't have any trouble hitting 100 miles for the month of October. I wish they were running miles, but oh, well. Gotta start somewhere.

That walking plan is working very well … and with all the other plans I have for today, I'd better get out there. I love the picture I took on yesterday's walk. Whaddya think?

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gingersnapper said...

I like the title of the post. That's good advice for almost anything.