Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving. I think.

Because I lost my father so recently, I haven't had much holiday spirit this Thanksgiving season. He visited me in September and we had Thanksgiving when he was here. I'm more grateful for that dinner than I can ever express.

Anyway, my mother-in-law took us out for dinner today, which would not usually be my preference, but it was fine this year.

I made careful choices at the buffet (no menu option was offered today), and just finished adding up the total for the mid-afternoon meal: 1067!

I don't *feel* like I just ate that much. In fact, I'll probably feel hungry later. I was careful to record everything as accurately as I could, but seriously, I can't get over how many calories I just ate.

I kind of wish I felt uncomfortably full. Maybe it would have been worth it.

At least I took time to walk this morning. Five miles, 90 minutes, no running today ... yesterday's good run (I did the last of my four miles in 12:37!) took its toll!

Hope your turkey was juicy and your whipped cream didn't separate. If the potatoes were lumpy, I'm sure you meant them to turn out that way. Heh. And if you're heading out for Black Friday tomorrow, be careful: It's a jungle out there!

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Leslie said...

It's really amazing how the calories can add up. Great that you got a long walk in this morning...that'll have your metabolism clicking off those calories. Enjoy the holiday.

Calgaroo said...

I absolutely love your posts..thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving..

Sunny said...

Just found your blog via Leslie. Very sorry about your loss of your father. Hang tough. And no damage done at a Thanksgiving meal can't be remedied. :)