Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some progress

Well, I've been weighing myself on Wednesdays and finally, finally, I've seen a tiny downward tick of the scale. Actually, for me, it's HUGE – two pounds – but considering I started this project October 1, and have so far lost a grand total of 3.5 pounds, I'd say I'm a bit behind schedule. Heh.

I basically starved myself to do it, averaging around 1000 calories per day. Not smart, I know, and not what I'd intended to do. I've been studying all these BMR and RMR and eat-at-your-goal-weight websites and am terrified that if I eat that much I'll be twice as big as I am now by my 60th birthday.

And, of course, I'd like to be considerably lighter than I am now by then (May 25, and don't you forget it!).

I expected to lose more than two pounds eating so little and exercising as much as I did. But I'll take it.

I felt like crap all week. Painful headaches every day, lightheadedness, irritable and crabby … this is stupid, stupid, stupid. And what I've done is set myself up to gain weight if I don't continue this regimen. Grrr. Like I said, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Okay, moving on. The new shoes are great! Very light, very cushiony, I can't wait to go out in them again. It was raining yesterday when I was ready to head out, so I hopped on the treadmill. You might remember the last time I ran on the treadmill it spontaneously quit after 17 minutes, emitting a burning smell and scaring me to death. It lasted 22 minutes yesterday, which was long enough for the rain to stop. The warm-up allowed me to begin the outdoor walk at a trot and I ended up running most of the route (not up the hills, though). Total combined effort (it's sooooo easy to run on the treadmill, and sooooo boring) was 4.17 miles in 60 minutes. Much better than I've been doing.

It's the shoes. Heh.

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