Monday, November 8, 2010

Mish mash of stuff

It's kind of hard to come up with stuff to talk about when the garden is not producing and all I'm doing is walking/running every day. The streak is alive, 38 days strong. I took it easy yesterday, no running and limited it to four miles, after a couple days with some running thrown in and a couple of five-milers.

I think I've mentioned previously that if I want to both walk and accomplish anything else, I have to schedule things carefully. If I have a major shopping trip, the walk has to happen first. If there's major housework to be done, the walk has to happen later.

Yesterday was a major housework day. You've probably had days where you've woken up and decided it can't wait another minute. I started working on the guest bathroom and decided while I was cleaning one, I might as well clean the other. I hands-and-knees scrubbed the floors, wiped down all the surfaces and then decided to run the sweeper over the rest of the house. After that, it was all I could do to walk; my knees wouldn't take anything more than that.

Lessee, what else has happened. Oh, I made a lime meringue pie Friday with limes from my tree. There are limes of all sizes on the branches, and blossoms, too, so it looks like it might be everbearing. I've given six away and used six in the pie and there are still half a dozen ripe ones ready for squeezing. Will have to figure out something to do with them, because I will not waste limes! Not a very good picture, because by the time I thought about taking one my husband had eaten half of it! I think pie pictures look best with just one piece withdrawn from the whole pie.

And, since the first word of the title of this blog is "Knit," I've finished another project, a tote bag, and will felt it and the Christmas stocking today. Not sure what's next. I'm looking for a pattern (will probably use this one) for a hooded poncho, which I want to make for our middle granddaughter.  She's three and asks to hear Little Red Riding Hood over and over and over again. She needs a red hooded poncho!

I leave you with this odd little photo. When I was in Florida last month for my dad's second memorial service, I found a tiny three-bladed propeller on the floor of his van. It used to be a clip-on air freshener – you slide it onto one of the slats of the air vent. The air-freshening part of the device is long gone, but seeing the prop spin reminds me so much of my dad. He loved to fly, he encouraged me to get my pilot's license and he enjoyed little things like propellers that spin in your car. That was Dad – all about fun!


ws said...

driving the other day I saw a family with a portable fan clipped to their sun visor and thought "only in Florida." I guess there is a new trend in West Virginia now, too.

denise said...

I can only aspire to awakening one day and feeling like the cleaning must be done immediately - I can always find an excuse to put it off for days, weeks, even months.

Sounds like you're getting lots done and still walking - congratulations on that.

Perhaps the propeller will become your "penny from heaven" - always a sort of reminder of your Dad that you'll find in odd places.

denise said...

P.S. As you see, I can now comment. I think the problem was on my side somehow. It turns out I have to say "Yes" to the question about seeing only secure data.

If I say "No" I can see the pictures associated with other commenters but cannot see the verification word. If I say "Yes" I can see the verification word and make a comment but can't see the pictures...go figure.