Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Quote Day

Things start as hopes
and end up as habits.
~ Lillian Hellman

Yesterday was Day 35 of The Walk-Every-Day-Even-If-It-Kills-Me Plan. I did four miles, added some jogging into the mix (about three-quarters of a mile out of the first three, and I jogged the entire fourth mile without stopping), and it rained the entire time.

If I were going to take a day off, yesterday would have been it. So I think I've created a habit, and a good one for a change.

Then again, there's today. It's raining again (and believe me, I'm not complaining, we really need it), it's a wee bit colder and today's precipitation is supposed to be a "wintry mix." I gotta tell you though, when I was running (okay, jogging) that last mile yesterday, I knew nothing was going to prevent me from completing it. I haven't run that mile in a long, long time. It's the easiest one on my route, but it's also the last one and I'm usually ready to slow down by then. I felt like I could have run another one.

Thank goodness my driveway showed up. Heh.

Elora, a rainsuit would be counterproductive to my goals, but it's a great option for working outside. I'm not nearly as self-sufficient as you are, though, and I can easily postpone an outdoor chore until the weather is a bit friendlier. Your Marigold won't wait! I think a rainsuit would become very hot and cumbersome after a while. Even a hoodie is too hot after a couple miles.

I hope you've had some success building a new habit or breaking an old one. Tell me about it!


gingersnapper said...

By the way, your walking/running project is fantastic. It's so good for the soul, too, to spend time outdoors daily. Even in the weather - I prefer nice days but even the cold or rainy days make me glad to be alive when I'm outside.

Elora said...

Good for you, Debbi! Keep up the routine, especially as you are enjoying it! Can't do anything but give you strength and health!