Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This might be the day ...

the streak gets broken.

It's raining, and supposed to rain all day. I will have to coordinate my walking time with a let-up in the steady rain, if there is one, because I just don't feel like squishing my way through four miles.

You see, I've worn out my shoes, and my new ones won't be here for a few days since I just ordered them yesterday. How do I know my shoes are worn out? I have blisters on both big toes. I can ignore the pain once I start walking, but wet shoes and socks aren't going to help. I think I have some kind of cushioning bandage I can put on the blisters, if the rain lets up enough that I can get out the door.

This will be a true test of my determination.

We had the best dinner last night. I've made this soup many times, and we never tire of it.

After we ate what we wanted of Sunday's roast chicken, I put the leftovers and the carcass back in the crockpot, covered it with water and let it cook on low overnight. After it cooled yesterday morning, I separated the meat from the bones, strained the broth and put the soup together. I used cooked dried white beans instead of canned cannelini, and I added some dried shitakes, just because.

The recipe says it cooks in 18 minutes, and I've no doubt it would if you did it their way. My version took all day. Heh.

My neighbor offered me all the turnip, kale and mustard greens I wanted from his garden. All I had to do was pick them. So after yesterday's four-miler, I walked to his farm with a half-bushel basket, filled it to overflowing and walked back. That was a very satisfying way to add another half-mile to yesterday's total.

What else, what else? Oh, knitting! I had to rip out the red poncho and start over, because I hate to swatch. After a couple of inches I realized it was going to be waaaaay too big around for a three-year-old. I'm almost back to where I was when I ripped it out, but since it's on fewer stitches, it's quite a bit longer. So far, so good. I hope she's not so over Little Red Riding Hood by Christmas. Heh.

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