Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wait! Wait! It's not the weight … :-(

It being Wednesday morning, I dutifully stepped on the bathroom scale and expected to see a pretty good loss. I haven't lost any weight for a couple of weeks, so I'm due at least a pound or three, right?

Apparently not right, as I weigh the same today as I did two days ago, five days ago and two weeks ago.

Forty days of walking has produced some results, just not the one I was hoping for.
  • I'm getting very good at taking my own picture with my cell phone and posting it to Facebook while I'm trudging along.
  • I'm discovering that even though I'm heavier than I want to be, my legs can still surprise me by breaking into a run (well, a jog anyway) every once in a while.
  • I've actually run one continuous mile out of the four-mile route a couple times since the first of this month.
Walking three or four miles a day is not something most 59-year-old women do. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude in mind that not only can I do this, I want to. Perhaps that's the biggest surprise result: I can't imagine a day without walking.

At the same time, I can't imagine anyone else on the planet walking 40 days in a row and not losing more than 1.5 pounds. Except you. Heh.

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gingersnapper said...

I knew that link was going to be me, I didn't even have to check it.