Thursday, November 11, 2010

The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful

The astute among you will recognize the subject of today's post as a song title. Of course, I meant to say the weather is beautiful, and it has been for several days now.

Too bad I'm on this walking mission and haven't gotten much done besides mileage.

I know I said earlier this week that if there's something else big to do, I should do it first. That's not how it's worked out so far this week. I walk mid-morning and then I … don't get much more accomplished.

My low energy level is beginning to concern me. I'm giving it another week and then I think I'll call my doctor. My husband tries to be encouraging, telling me that most women my age don't walk four or five  miles a day, and that I shouldn't expect to be Mrs. Clean and Mrs. Gardener and Mrs. Lawn Service every day.

Anyhoo … that's about all I have to say about that.

The red poncho is coming along. I love any in-the-round pattern that starts with a whole bunch of stitches and decreases steadily until you have just a few. I started with 200 and will eventually get to 80 or so. I haven't figured that part out yet.

Here are pix of the two latest projects, fulled and almost ready to deliver. The bag needs a tag, which I will have to print, and the stocking needs the wee one's initial sewn on the cuff. I'm using green buttons and pink thread for that. Doesn't it look sweet enough to eat?


Elora said...

Guess I am not among the "astute." :-))))

Your knitting produce is simply awesome! I believe the "energy" you think you're lacking has manifested itself in the products of your knitting! They're beautiful, Debbi! I totally admire and respect what you do with your needlecraft and how rapidly you do it! You're incredible, truly!


denise said...

I'm with Elora 100% (apparently not among the astute and totally in awe of your knitting abilities).

If you think your energy level is low, you should definitely get it checked out. I have a similar problem, but believe it has more to do with a mild depression and lack of motivation to do the things that must be done - but that I don't want to do. Plus, I'm inherently lazy - something you could certainly never cop to!

Hang in there. Don't let it be the excuse to give up the great walking streak you have going. Even if you're not losing weight, it's got to be benefiting you in other ways - for example, stronger muscles - particularly that little muscle known as the heart!