Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will the soaker we're having break my streak?

Sounds like a Magic 8 Ball question, doesn't it?

Seems likely.

The hourly forecast indicates a break in the action in the late afternoon. Both of you longtime readers know that's my least favorite time to walk. But I have to say this daily walking has become a little bit like She Who Must Be Obeyed: I have to get it done.

I love this weather, though. I love curling up with a bunch of magazines, or my knitting, or my dog, and just relaxing into my big leather chair. Once dinner's in the crockpot, there's nothing to do but wait for the rain to let up. Well, and maybe a load of laundry.

Hope you're having exactly the kind of weather you need today.


Elora said...

You need to go to Tractor Supply, Debbi, and buy yourself a good rainsuit. It's actually kind of fun to don the wellies and the suit, listening to the rain pelting down on yourself! Mine is a shocking green with reflective stripes on it. There are other colors as well. All would make you very visible as you hike along. Makes me feel like a genuine highway flagperson! Check 'em out next time you're close to TS. I think mine ran somewhere around $30. Never wet! And I do like the added touch of the bib!


Elora said...

I should have added that any slow down noted as a result of the slightly inhibiting foul weather gear, is immediately offset by the extra energy needed to push along with these extra layers!