Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finished ...

In the last week I've finished knitting three hats, none of which were for me. I may still have time to whip out a pair of Pop-up Paws for the daughter-in-law we're going to be visiting this weekend.

All of the goodie packages have been mailed, and all of the to-be-shipped gifts are on their way. What a huge load that is to have off my shoulders! The remaining gifts will go with us to be delivered in person.

It feels good to have all of this done. The only thing left on the holiday to-do list is finish making and mailing the Christmas cards. Should be able to knock that out in a couple hours.

Looks like I've finished exercising outdoors for a while, as well. With wind chills down to ZERO and below, it's not even safe to spend any significant time outside. Food is good – I'm tracking what I eat and feeling like I'm maintaining.

I've done so much damage to my metabolism over the last mumble-mumble years of yo-yo dieting and calorie restriction that I think this is a good time to just give it a rest. Maybe a couple weeks of "normal" eating and activity will convince my body that I can be trusted not to overwork and underfeed it.

Nice theory, anyway. Who ever would have thought I'd be a mad scientist in my 50s, experimenting on myself? Heh.


Jane said...

I wish I were as far along with my holiday preparations as you are. Good luck with your "experiment." Maintaining is a good thing this time of the year!

altopower said...

Congrats on finishing your projects and getting your packages out. That's a big weight off your shoulders!

You sound as though you're in a good place: accomplished, balanced, aware. Good things indeed.