Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not much from me this morning ...

I didn't sleep well last night and think I am either coming down with a cold or have a massive sinus infection. I hate not being able to breathe. Breathing? Good. Not breathing? Painful.

So anyway, how cool is this? Think I'll go do some right now. Or maybe right after breakfast. And laundry. And mopping the salty/snowy footprints off the floors. Again.

Today's weigh-in was not what I wanted to see. Up a couple pounds this week. I'm not worried about it, though. I've been playing with these two pounds since early fall. Like I said yesterday, I need to give the metabolism a break and I feel certain that next year I will be able to report slow-but-steady losses on a regular basis.

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denise said...

I think it's only possible to relax when knitting once you get good at it. When I knit, my teeth hurt (I push out on my front teeth with my tongue when I concentrate)!

Hope your symptoms are mild and go away soon. I've twice recently felt like a cold was coming on and took a few doses of Zicam - or more accurately a generic version of it - and nothing more has developed.

But then I'm not sure you can attribute that to the medicine - or maybe it wasn't a cold coming on at all...

In any case, hope you're feeling better soon.