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Pop-up Paws Update

I decided, after all, that I wouldn't have time to make a pair of Pop-up Paws for my daughter-in-law. Instead, I wore mine and made sure she saw them, to get an idea of whether she would appreciate a pair or not.

Turns out she would – she immediately said how handy they would be when buckling children into car seats. So I'll add them to the to-do list. While I was in Ohio, two other friends said they'd love a pair, as well, and I also promised two pairs of felted clogs. That should reduce the yarn stash a bit!

It's been more than two weeks since I've walked outdoors, but guess what? Today's the day! Temperatures will be above freezing (it's almost there now) all day for the first time in who knows how long? I got a Christmas card from one of my cousins yesterday and she wrote about how inspiring my walking program has been for her. (She's been following my progress on Facebook; you can, too! Just click that FB link on the left side of the page to add me as your friend.) She has to have both knees replaced next month, and is hoping to begin her own walking regimen in the spring. Not only do I feel I've let myself down by not getting out to walk, perhaps I've let her down, too! Hope not.

I ordered some devices to strap onto my shoes to add traction in snow and ice. The snow will probably be gone before they get here, but I've a feeling there will be more before winter's end. Don't know why I didn't think of these earlier in the season. Maybe I was subconsciously looking for a reason to take a break. My subconscious can be pretty persuasive. Heh.

No lunar eclipse for us last night. I woke spontaneously at 2:11 a.m., just in time to watch it, but we were under a solid cloud cover. At 8 p.m. last night the full moon was beautiful, as was the starry, starry night. It didn't last long enough for us to catch a glimpse, though. Did you see it? Tell!


gingersnapper said…
Oh man, both knees! That's going to be rough for her.

Don't worry, you haven't let anyone down. Weather is just one of those things, everyone understands that. But I am looking forward to seeing more photos from your walks.
altopower said…
Agreed - you haven't let anyone down! On the contrary, you show us every day what it is to have goals, how to work to make them achievable, and how to deal with problems along the way. I <3 you, your perseverance, and your good humor.

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