Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Quote Day on Saturday

The difference in winning and losing
is most often... not quitting.
Walt Disney

Is it too early into the new year to say, er, type the word quitting? Probably not. Some new year's goals and resolutions have already bitten the dust. Including mine.

Sort of.

I wanted to get 60 minutes of exercise in each day. I did 40 early yesterday morning before I left to take my husband for his cataract surgery, thinking I could either walk for 20 minutes while I was waiting for him (didn't happen – bitterly cold, and I felt like I needed to be available and present for him), or whip out 20 minutes when I got home (also didn't happen – plain-and-simple gosh-darned tired took over as soon as I hit the door).

I also wanted to strength-train twice. Well, yesterday was the last day to get that in. See last parenthetical expression in previous paragraph.

I did, however, do a total of 533 minutes of intentional exercise the first week of 2011, 35 of which were strength training. That's almost nine hours, and averages out to 76 minutes per day. No quitting here!

No losing weight, either. I'm surprisingly not upset about it. I had a calorie deficit every day, a large enough one that I should have lost a pound and a half. I've been abusing my body for such a long time that it's still holding on to every calorie, but I have every confidence that eventually the scale will move in the downward direction. In the meantime, it's nice to maintain at a level of eating that is this freaking comfortable!

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gingersnapper said...

Holy cow, the amount of exercise you did this week is more than TWICE the amount of my GOAL exercise (which I'm not going to reach, BTW). You are not allowed to beat yourself up about not meeting such a rigorous schedule! You made the right choice to give your husband emotional support at the hospital rather than do another 20 minutes walk.

The weight is going to come off, I am sure of it. It will drop suddenly. Back in the day when I DID lose weight, it was never a sensible, week-at-a-time thing. What we do every day matters, but the results don't show up in an orderly fashion.