Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting. And waiting.

My husband and I made it to the hospital just fine. Thank you to the weather forecasters for overplaying the weather alert for today. We left early, which has left me with PLENTY of time on my hands.

My husband is in surgery right now. I have been knitting, reading and ignoring a steady stream of weight-loss commercials since we got her at about 10:45.

Before we left this morning, I did a 40-minute elliptical workout! Yeah, me! I assembled it last night and did a 20-minute test drive.

It's completely non-impactful - no pounding, no pain - but a VERY good workout. I was sweating in no time. Thank goodness for the cute little face fan!

In order for the iPod to work, you actually have to be moving. Pretty motivating if you want to hear the rest of a podcast.

Assembly took about 3 hours, including unpacking, and you need a helper for parts of it.

All in all, I'm calling it a good investment after less than a day of use. The ability to work out when it's cold, dark, snowy and icy outdoors is a big advantage for this old lady. Folks like Jonathan (I'd direct-link if I could!) can handle those conditions, but I'm willing to be a wuss if I can be the sweaty one on the elliptical!

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