Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Quote Day

It's always too early to quit.
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Quit? Who, me? It's only January 21!

Nah, I'm not quitting, but just in case you're done, done, done working toward your New Year's goals, well, today's quote's for you!

Yesterday looked like the day before yesterday – a four-mile walk, calorie goal met and I logged everything. Today's intentional exercise will definitely be done on the elliptical. We have a tiny bit of snow covering a sheet of ice. And it's c-c-c-cold!

I've not done a strength-training workout this week, unless I can count moving a fairly heavy bookcase from my house to the second floor of the garage. My back and shoulders and upper arms would love to count that as a weight workout! If I do one today, it will be a lower body routine.

Let's see, what else … I got some knitting done while I was gone, but haven't touched the project since I got home. The older I get, the more time it takes to regain my energy after a long drive. I've been turning in pretty early. (Despite the fact that I don't have a nine-to-five job outside my home, I find myself only knitting in the evening, after dinner, in front of the television. What's up with that?)

I tried something new on the drive this time: I started listening to an audiobook and I'm so hooked on it I just downloaded another one. The one I'm working on now is Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. I was surprised to find that part of it is set in West Virginia, near where I live, actually. His description of West Virginia's drivers was spot on! It's a very long book – 24 hours total reading time. I'm torn between wanting to know what happens next and not wanting it to end.

The next book is Born to Run, which I've read about and which was reviewed by the Fat2Fit guys. Maybe it will get me psyched for running again.

Of course, with snow-covered ice, I won't be starting today.


Vickie said...

I am a avid book on CD girl. Started with a 14 hour drive home, and continued with my around town driving, and sitting somewhere waiting for kids time. My library has a huge supply.

altopower said...

I love listening to audio books on long drives. My first was a Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey story. Listening makes me hear and appreciate the excellent writing and flow of the narrative. Plus it makes for good company :)

Glad to know you're not out walking long distances in the bitter cold with ice. Enough is enough - this is why you have an elliptical!